Time Timer animation Speciale behoeftes

Speciale behoeftes en de Time Timer®

Kinderen met speciale behoeftes kunnen worstelen met het abstracte begrip van de tijd. Door het gebruik van de Time Timer krijgen ze meer inzicht, onafhankelijkheid en productiviteit. Dit geldt voor volwassen, maar ook voor kinderen. Volwassen kunnen hier baat bij hebben, aangezien ook hun productiviteit, onafhankelijkheid en inzicht vergroot kan worden.

Door het goed beheren van de tijd, ontstaat routine en regelmaat.

Wat mensen erover zeggen:

“Our daughter Cathie received the Time Timer today and it is a great success. Her little boy who is six and has Asperger’s Syndrome knew straight away how it worked, while Cathie was still trying to figure it out! Alex has great trouble knowing how much time has elapsed and the visual movement of the time passing is an enormous help to him.”
– Grandmother

“I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent product which, like all the best inventions, is ingeniously simple! I work in the area of Intellectual Disability (Mental Retardation) and have seen the benefits of your product when appropriately used. One patient, in particular, has had a major improvement in his quality of life as a result of your product. Keep up the good work!”
– Therapist

“My 3.5 year old and I are really enjoying our regular timer. I can see how it’s helping her learn the concept of elapsed time and deadlines. As an adult with ADD who has been chronically late her entire life, I can also say that the visual depiction of time is helping me!”
– Parent

“I have seven students (six with Autism and one who has Downs Syndrome). I like using the Time Timer with my students because it does not disturb the others, some of whom are extremely noise sensitive.”
– Special Education Classroom Teacher

“Thank you for such a wonderful and useful product. My son has Autism and has found this to be a very useful resource. Today I ordered another desktop timer and a pocket timer. My son has been taking the timer to school, the class teacher has said that there has been a dramatic improvement in my son’s ability to do and complete activities.”
– Parent